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Our healthcare professionals are leaders in their fields of expertise and are available to assist you, online and throughout the country from north to south.

During oncological treatments

Would you like to have access to our team of healthcare professionals on WhatsApp during oncological treatments?

And to have weekly classes on various topics that can help, from nutrition and exercise to mental health?

I Oncology and Lifestyle Course for Healthcare Professionals

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What is one of the strongest desires of someone diagnosed with cancer? To live longer and better! And our mission at AIM is precisely to help you live longer and with better quality.

How? Through complementary healthcare that, in an integrated way, will support your body and mind and help you achieve greater health and more life.

Yes, better health even when faced with a cancer diagnosis and yes, even during oncological treatments.

All backed by scientific evidence and by the most distinguished health professionals in each field.

AIM Cancer Center Programs.


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Provide each person with the information that is relevant for choosing and participating in decision-making about their treatments, based on the most recent evidence and in the light of the most innovative treatments. These 2nd opinion consultations can be with a doctor differentiated in the type of tumor of each person or, also, multidisciplinary, with review of imaging tests and evaluation and discussion of the case among several doctors.


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When there is a family history of cancer, it is normal to ask questions about your hereditary risk or that of your children/family members. Family risk and hereditary cancer consultation will help answer these questions through a careful anamnesis and assessment of family history and genetic testing counseling where relevant. If there is a genetic predisposition to hereditary cancer, measures to reduce that risk will be advised.


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After treatments for breast cancer with lymph node dissection or excision, the risk of lymphedema exists and remains for life. Among the various measures to prevent this lymphedema, strength training with progressive loads, mobility and stability training together with physiotherapy as early as possible can help to reduce the risk, limitations and improve the functionality of the shoulder and arm, as well as the quality of life.


Welcome to the largest center for holistic and integrated care in oncology!

Our approach is preferably multidisciplinary because that is the only way to achieve the best results. Rarely, a disease or health disorder is due to a single cause, so in order to achieve the best possible recovery, it is important to actively seek out its causes and act on them. The same applies to a cancer, both for prevention and treatment.

For this, we have gathered in our team healthcare professionals with training and experience in oncology, from various fields that can assist people with cancer in addition to hospital treatments. These healthcare professionals include:

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The proximity between each person and the health professional is the strating point in AIM. We believe in a partnership model between the technical knowledge and experience of the professional and the unique perspective and objectives of each person who comes to us..


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For each person, according to the context, preferences and goals, the team of health professionals from the various relevant areas will articulate to help you in whatever is necessary to achieve more health and quality of life. This support will always preferably be online, in order to allow access to the best professionals regardless of where you are located. For some professional areas and locations, there is also the possibility of face-to-face / home consultations.

Long-term health and well-being depend on a holistic view of each person. We use a true multidisciplinary team with the best health professionals, in which information is shared and discussed between professionals, in the light of the best scientific evidence.


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We made available a wide network of health professionals in integrative oncology. You can choose the health professional to accompany you or select an area of expertise by pathology or symptom and we will refer you to the respective team.

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