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III Edition Oncology and Lifestyle Training for Healthcare Professionals
September 2024
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Second Opinion Consultation in Oncology
Consultations with oncologists specialized in various types of cancer. After a detailed analysis of your tests and clinical case, the best treatment options, clinical trials, and innovative medications will be discussed with you
During Oncological Treatments
Would you like to have access to our team of healthcare professionals on WhatsApp during oncological treatments?

And to have weekly classes on various topics that can help, from nutrition and exercise to mental health?
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What is one of the strongest desires of someone diagnosed with cancer? To live longer and better! And our mission at AIM is precisely to help you live longer and with better quality.

How? Through complementary healthcare that, in an integrated way, will support your body and mind and help you achieve greater health and more life.

Yes, better health even when faced with a cancer diagnosis and yes, even during oncological treatments.

All backed by scientific evidence and by the most distinguished health professionals in each field.

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